Wood Chips
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Wood Chips

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Wood chips such as Eucalyptus wood, wooden pallets, Rubber wood, wood for making paper, MDF board, solid Rubber wood, Teak wood Acacia wood, Scrap wood, the branches of a large tree trimming, etc. Wood was through the chipper machine become smaller to be used as a renewable fuel instead of using oil in the industry, including small and large power plants. Nowadays, wood chips used in the industry.



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Wood chips from wood log or 13 species of wood that are allowed to be converted into wood processing bring through the chipper machine become smaller, measure the moisture content of wood chips to obtain the quality wood chips according to industry standards. 



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Wood chips from wood pallet industry, plywood, particle wood, MDF board, wood chips leftover from the manufacturing industry, etc. These woods was brought through the process of chopping, size selection of wood chips, moisture measurement to get the wood with quality standard.



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Eucalyptus, Rubber and mix wood chips
Commodity: Woodchip Origin: Thailand 
Quantity: 30,000 MT/month 


Moisture: approximate 40-50%
Length (Along Fiber direction): 4.8mm - 48mm
Thickness: 3-10mm 85% Min.

Width:  Size 48 mm up < 5%
             Size 9.5 – 45.0 mm > 80%
             Size 4.8 -9.5 mm < 12%
             Size 4.8 mm down < 2%
Barked and Rotten: < 5%
Mold: < 1% 



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